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Gather With Gabby

Welcome to Gabby's World Designs, a place for creatives to say, "Creatively Me." Shopping Gabby's World Designs creates room for Gather With Gabby to give back to the community through fashion, art, and books. Stay linked in by subscribing to my link tree to see how your support helps me impact the community. 

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Meet Gabby

Gabrielle (Gabby) Loftin is DC's youngest fashion designer and author. Gabby is creative beyond her years. She is a fashion designer, creator of animated shorts, digital artist, artist, rug maker, author, athlete, and scholar. 

At the age of two, Gabby began making her own lip gloss and fingernail polish to make money to buy gum. She would ask her mother's friends and her family to buy what she made. Before she knew it, she made enough money to buy the gum she wanted.


At three years old, she started sewing at her mother's summer camp to teach kids Science, Technology, Reading, Art, and Math (STREAM) through Sewing. She fell in love with it; since then, she has been featured around the country and internationally. She has been invited even to be featured in Dubai, London, Hawaii, and Milan fashion weeks. She has been featured on Fox 5, The Good Morning Show on channel 7, H st festival, and numerous publications and fashion weeks.


Gabby uses her sewing and creativity to give back to her community and the homeless. She also writes stories to inspire other kids to be creative. Gabby wants everyone that participates in Gather With Gabby events or shops Gabby's World Designs to know its ok for them to say, I am "Creatively Me."


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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